Dr. Gainforth As a Supervisor

Dr. Gainforth exhibits an extraordinary ability to welcome and make new ABC students feel valued and appreciated. Never does she let someone’s hard work and dedication to the lab go unnoticed or un-congratulated. Dr. Gainforth strives to be innovative and is constantly seeking out new challenges that need to be overcome in the world of health promotion. She is a strong working individual, but thrives in the environment of a team and can often be heard reciting the phrase “yay team!”. Dr. Gainforth is an admirable professor who can always be counted on for the encouragement, support, and motivation to conquer challenges and push the field of health and exercise sciences forward. She is an excellent professor, researcher, and mentor. Whether time spent in the lab or time spent on a hike for a social outing, time with Dr. Gainforth is refreshing, inspiring and highly recommended!